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Shri Prasadam

Vitthal Rukmini Gold Plated Idol For Puja, Home, And Gift

Vitthal Rukmini Gold Plated Idol For Puja, Home, And Gift

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🕉️🌟 Vitthal Rukmini Gold Plated Idol 🌟🕉️

Elevate your spiritual sanctum and infuse your home with divine blessings with our exquisite Vitthal Rukmini Gold Plated Idol. 🙏✨ Crafted with precision and adorned with radiant gold plating, this divine idol encapsulates the eternal love and divine grace of Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rukmini, offering solace, protection, and spiritual guidance to devotees. Whether for puja ceremonies, home decor, or as a cherished gift, this idol radiates divine grace and auspiciousness wherever it is placed. 🎁🌟

Key Features:

🌺 Divine Symbolism: Embrace the divine energy and symbolism of Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rukmini's eternal love, representing the divine union of devotion and compassion that inspires devotees to lead a life of righteousness and devotion.

🔱 Blessings of Prosperity: Invoke the blessings of prosperity and abundance from Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rukmini by adorning your home or puja room with their divine presence, inviting wealth, harmony, and happiness into your life.

🏡 Sacred Home Decor: Enhance the ambiance of your home or sacred space with the divine radiance of Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rukmini's idol, whose presence brings peace, auspiciousness, and spiritual upliftment to all who behold it.

🎁 Thoughtful Gift: Share the divine blessings of Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rukmini with your loved ones by presenting them with this elegant idol. Ideal for weddings, housewarmings, or any auspicious occasion, it conveys wishes of divine love, protection, and spiritual prosperity.

About the Product:

Our Vitthal Rukmini Gold Plated Idol encapsulates the eternal bond and divine grace of Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rukmini, inviting their sacred energy into your life and home. 🌸✨ Embrace their divine love and blessings, and experience the transformative power of their grace in all aspects of your life. 🌟🙏

Embrace Divine Blessings: Welcome the divine presence of Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rukmini into your heart and home, and let their divine grace guide you on the path of devotion and spiritual fulfillment. 🌟💖

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jayanti verma

Very nice and beautiful statue of Vitthal Rukmini idol i am very happy

pooja nayak

Outstanding Vitthal Rukmini idol good work as well as polished .

Ratandeep Tiwari
Product quality and colour

product quality and colour quailty very good waight aprox 1.5 gm

Aditya Joshi

The murti is very sturdy, go for it

Yuvraj Singh

Masterpiece.... we love this, thanks

Arjun Kapoor

It absolutely looking great, loved it

Karthik Reddy

Nice colour and good quality

Aditya Jain

So good, Definitely a must buy!

Naina Singh

The quality looks good, worth the money