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Shri Prasadam

Turkish Evil Eye Bracelet | Protection from Evil Eye

Turkish Evil Eye Bracelet | Protection from Evil Eye

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Product Description:

This Turkish Evil Eye Bracelet from the Shriprasadam is a universal symbol of protection believed to nullify the strong effects of curses or negative energies cast on you, Evil Eye is basically a “reflector of harm”. Suiting almost every type of outfit, this endless style of Turkish Evil Eye Bracelet looks great and is becoming quite trendy and fashionable in recent times. Possessing deep spiritual and religious importance, this bracelet benefits and showcases its impact on the lives of a larger population of the world.

Product Specification:

This classic evil eye bracelet can protect you from the negative energies thrown at you by people who wish you ill. The power of the evil eye is very real and countless people are unknowingly affected by it every day. This bracelet can help deflect the evil thoughts people throw your way. With this bracelet, you'd never have to worry about jealous individuals ever again.

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Dimension: Free Size
Material: Evil Eye Beads
Approximate Weight: 34 gm

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