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Shri Prasadam

The Mighyty Rise Shiva Rudraksha Mala

The Mighyty Rise Shiva Rudraksha Mala

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He who bestows upon you wisdom, showers you with bliss,
emancipates you from the agony, He is the guide of our path and
he is SHIVA. He does not need you, he needs your faith, he does
not needs your possession, he needs your surrendering, He does
not ask you to renounce the material happiness, he asks you to
be balanced. Here is his emblem like pendant etched with his
presence with 6mm rudraksha mala.

The agate and rudraksha beads are wreathed with A GRADE

316 stainless steel pendant etched with finesse. The mala calls
out negative energy and polishes it off with ease, provided you
intend to have the benefits. Just wear it and have the ball rolling
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