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Shri Prasadam

Stone Tourmaline, Beads, Crystal Bracelet

Stone Tourmaline, Beads, Crystal Bracelet

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This black star sapphire stretch bracelet is about 6.75" and stretches to accommodate your wrist. The beads are about 7mm size and have gorgeous gold and silver flashes! The glow is caused by hematite inclusions in the stone. Sapphire is common name for the mineral corundum. Typically thought of as a blue gemstone, it comes in virtually any color of the rainbow including pink, purple, orange (Padparadsha), yellow, green, colorless, red (ruby), black. Each color sapphire has basic sapphire energies plus those related to its own color. You'll note this is a weighty stone, much like the other sapphire colors. This stone is newly available from my vendor, and I'm amazed by the beauty and quality of these beads - dark, shiny and flash in nearly, if not every single bead! The first photo was taken in natural sunlight. More about the metaphysical properties of black star sapphire:

Black star sapphire is a centering stone and is especially helpful as a tool when you meditate. As it is such a dark color it is ideal for the earth chakra. It will help you to walk your spiritual path while remaining grounded in the here and now. This stone supports the primary chakras from the soul star to below the feet.

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