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Shri Prasadam

Retro Dreams - Unisex Necklace

Retro Dreams - Unisex Necklace

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In the dream, you are in a vast green meadow. You pick that dandelion puff and hold it to your heart. Make a wish. Close your eyes and gently blow. Look at those little feathery dandelion seeds hovering around you. You smile at them. And you blush at that beautiful wish you had, while the dandelions dance in the air. What will be that one wish you made?

Presenting a bold take on the Dandelion seed lockets with chains that suits every celebration. A perfect gift for your man of dreams. 

Rectangular lockets with rose gold polished metallic alloy frame and chain with white dandelion seeds on a contrasting background. Perfect to wear as statement jewellery for both western and ethnic wear. Best gift for the treasured people in your life.

Avoid water and harsh weather exposure as it may cause discolouration of the metal alloy. Keep in the cloth pouch in a dry, airy place when not in use.

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