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Shri Prasadam

Rainbow Moonstone Pyramid

Rainbow Moonstone Pyramid

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This moonstone pyramid is more than what meets the eye. Legendary as a travellers stone, moonstones are said to protect you in your travels. It said that keeping this moonstone with you on your travels can protect you from bad luck thanks to it's Reiki crystal healing properties.

Name: Rainbow Moonstone
Also known as: Stone of Lovers
Befitting: Intuition, Women's Stone, Unconditional Love
Minerals: Sodium Calcium Aluminium
Chakra: All Chakras


  • Also called White Labrodolite
  • Soothes aggressive behavior and tendencies
  • Women's hormonal balancer and good for menstrual imbalance
  • Helps in infertility
  • Helps absorption of vital minerals, and vitamins by body
  • Gives clarity of thoughts and helps in decision making

Approximate weight : 108 gms

Dimension ( L X W X H ) : 4 x 4 x 4 cms

Material : Glass\Moonstone

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