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Shri Prasadam

Radhe Krishna Pocket Temple

Radhe Krishna Pocket Temple

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Product Description

Radhe Krishna Pocket Temple |Ā Gold Plated Radha Krishna Photo Frame with Charan Paduka for Pooja Room


Brand Shriprasadam
Colour Multi
Shape Rectangular
Mounting Type Tabletop, Wall Mount


About This Item:

Ā Divine Couple Representation: The pocket temple features finely detailed miniaturized idols of Radha and Krishna, symbolizing the purest form of love and devotion. Their serene countenances radiate an aura of divine union and spiritual bliss.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Every aspect of this pocket temple is created with utmost precision and reverence. The exquisite craftsmanship captures the essence and grace of Radha and Krishna, making it a symbol of devotion and spiritual sanctity.

Portable Sanctity: Designed for convenience, this pocket temple allows you to carry the divine presence of Radha and Krishna with you wherever you go. Place it on your desk, in your pocket, or any sacred space to infuse your surroundings with spiritual energy.

Focus for Devotion: Use this pocket temple as a focal point for your daily devotions, meditations, or moments of reflection. It serves as a tangible reminder of the divine love and blessings in your life.

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Customer Reviews

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Kavya Choudhary

Radhe Krishna pocket temple bht acha hai

Rohan Gupta

Good quality and finishing

Aditi Singh

Very beautiful and value for money Radhe Krishna pocket templešŸ˜Š.


The size and quality is good. Delivery was also on time

Aarav Sharma

Radhe Krishna Pocket Temple quality is very good