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Shri Prasadam

Pyrite Stone | Natural Pyrite Stone | Pyrite Stone Original | Pyrite Raw Stone | Money Magnet Cluster

Pyrite Stone | Natural Pyrite Stone | Pyrite Stone Original | Pyrite Raw Stone | Money Magnet Cluster

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Natural Pyrite Cluster | Raw Pyrite Stone | Money Magnet Pyrite Stone | Natural Pyrite Crystal At Shriprasadam 

Epitomize the natural beauty and power of earth with the wondrous Pyrite Stone, available in its most authentic and untouched form at Shriprasadam. Mined from the depths of the earth, this natural Pyrite stone flaunts a lustrous golden hue and intricate crystal formation.


About Pyrite Stone

Each Pyrite Raw Stone bears the mighty energy of the earth and its grounding and protective properties, making it the perfect addition to your crystal collection. Use it for healing and manifestation or simply as a decorative piece to enhance your living space.

Pyrite, an iron sulfide with the chemical formula FeS2, possesses a shiny metallic appearance. Due to its resemblance to gold and its pale brass-yellow color, it is commonly referred to as fool's gold. The significance of pyrite lies in its association with purity and the removal of creative blockages. The term "pyrite" originates from the Greek word "Pyr," meaning fire, which reflects the way light reflects off the stone's surface. This may also symbolize its strong masculine energy and intense passion. Primarily, pyrite serves as a protective stone. It strives to safeguard and shield its wearer from various threats. Whether it be shielding against emotional vampires, defending against psychic attacks, dispelling negative energies, purifying electromagnetic smog, or halting toxic thought patterns, pyrite is always ready to maintain your purity.



Raw Pyrite Crystal: Product Description 

Product Name: Raw Pyrite Stone | Natural Pyrite Crystal | Pyrite Geode

Weight: 100 gm | 200 gm | 500 gm | 1 kg 

Specification: Our healing stones and crystals are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, original, and naturally occurring. It is common to see small holes and crack marks on the surface or inside the stones, adding to their unique charm and authenticity.

Material: Natural Pyrite Healing Stones | Raw Pyrite Stone/Crystal

Used For: The Raw Pyrite Stone is a versatile tool that can enhance wealth, promote positive energy flow, and support various holistic practices such as Reiki healing, Feng Shui, Vastu, crystal healing, meditation, Vastu correction, Reiki Grid, and aura cleansing.

So, Any person who wants financial prosperity, achievement, and good fortune may benefit from incorporating pyrite into their daily routine. Pyrite, known for its ability to attract positive energy, can be utilized in various forms such as jewelry to shield against unfavorable forces and maintain determination and drive.

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Why use Shriprasadam's Natural Pyrite Stone/Crystal

At Shriprasadam, we offer you the Pyrite Stone Original in its pure and unprocessed form, ensuring an authentic and mesmerizing experience. Our Pyrite Raw Cluster is a stunning collection of multiple natural Pyrite Stones, showcasing the raw and untamed beauty of the earth.

  1. Authentic Raw Pyrite Stone
  2. Genuine Raw Pyrite Crystal
  3. Our commitment to quality ensures that only the finest pyrite stones are offered, even if it means absorbing the cost of rejection.
  4. Each pyrite stone is carefully packaged in a pouch to ensure safe delivery.
  5. Our pyrite crystals are meticulously cleansed and recharged by Reiki healing professionals before being sold.


What are the benefits of having Pyrite Stone nearby?

Having a Pyrite Stone nearby can offer a range of benefits, including:

1- By having a Pyrite Stone in close proximity, one can avail a variety of advantages, such as attracting abundance and prosperity. This mineral is believed to create an energetic ambiance that fosters financial success and opportunities, thus promoting wealth and prosperity.

2- Pyrite possesses protective properties, acting as a shield against negative energies and influences. Its presence can instill a sense of safety and security in one's surroundings.

3- Pyrite is associated with enhancing confidence, inner strength, and willpower. Keeping it nearby can empower individuals and cultivate courage.

4- Pyrite is said to stimulate creativity and inspire innovative thinking. It can be particularly beneficial for artistic pursuits and problem-solving.

5- Pyrite is believed to promote a healthy flow of positive energy, contributing to a sense of balance, vitality, and overall well-being.

6- It is also associated with the activation of the Solar Plexus Chakra, which governs self-confidence, personal power, and willpower.

By keeping Pyrite nearby, one can balance and energize this vital energy center. Ultimately, by harnessing the beneficial energies of Pyrite, individuals can experience a positive impact on their environment, mindset, and overall well-being. Read More

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How to Cleanse Pyrite Stone Crystal?

To ensure your Pyrite remains clear and charged to maximize its healing powers, it's important to cleanse it regularly. Here are some effective methods to cleanse Pyrite:

Sand Cleansing: For an earthy recharge, place your Pyrite in sand to allow it to reconnect with the grounding energy of the earth. A bowl filled with sand can also help in cleansing the crystal.

Earth Connection: Simply placing Pyrite on the ground and leaving it there for a period of time can help it re-establish its connection with the earth element and dispel any accumulated negative energy.

Incense Smoke: Burn your favorite incense sticks, herbal oils, or essential oils to create cleansing smoke. Pass the Pyrite through the smoke to purify its energy and remove any lingering negativity.

Moonlight Bath: Harness the healing energy of the moon by placing your Pyrite under the moonlight overnight. Let the gentle moonlight wash over the crystal, cleansing and recharging it for optimal use.

By regularly employing these methods to cleanse your Pyrite, you can maintain its energetic integrity and ensure that it continues to radiate its positive and protective properties.

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How to check the purity of Pyrite

To ensure the quality of Pyrite, one must examine its metallic luster, susceptibility to breakage, opacity, weight, coldness to the touch, and the presence of striations on its facets. Shriprasadam provides the best quality and 100% pure and authentic premium quality Pyrite Stone.

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Omkar Desai

Wonderful product

Lovely prudact

I have finally orderd Last saturday lets see the result im reallyyyy exicted

Akash Kumar

Very positive and money is really attracted to you. Package is very good.

very nice

Thank you Shriprasadam very nice i realise that pyrate stone is exactly attract the wallet is always filled when I keep it in my beg .thank u very much

Raj Yadav

I am always skeptical before buying gemstones. But after thorough research and reading reviews went ahead with this purchase. There are hundreds of sellers selling pyrite but this seller has ample credibility.
The stone works as per your thought process, energy and mindset.
Delivery was superquick 3 to 4 days and packaging is fantastic.


Super - Authentic.Amazing results, specially the a proper mind switch. Would like to Thank you and your team for Opalite and labradorite as well. Just grateful 🙏

Sakshi singh
Lovely prudact

I am feeling its a really working and effective in my life

Priya Soni

This is the product i like most very helpful and loveable to buy.
Its attracts reaaly money and usefull for daily life....

Nathan Aditya

The product are delivered to me, and that the stone are original, geniune and certified product of authenticity with it. It's a money magnet stone and I'm very happy to received the product as well packaging manner.So, that's why I'll give to the 5 stars for the certified original & genuine Pyrite stone are delivered to me with the well- packaging manner as well.
Thank You !

Rekha devi

Nice product !!
Very Affective !!