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Shri Prasadam

Pyrite Crystal Pure Silver Ring

Pyrite Crystal Pure Silver Ring

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  • Handmade item
  • Delivery from a small business in 


  • Materials: Silver
  • Raw stone
  • Gem colour: Gold
  • Band colour: Silver(92.5)

Shades of gold glinting off the myriad surfaces of this truly stunning Raw Pyrite Ring. Anchored in a sterling silver prong setting, it's the perfect piece to wear to a grand occasion or with a stunning dress.

One of our favourite stones! We cannot stop waxing eloquent about is glittering beauty. With its gold-hued colour, it can be mistakenly thought to be a gold nugget. We anchored this gorgeous stone in a sterling silver prong setting to ensure that every facet remains uncovered and Rhodium plated it to ensure anti-tarnishing and hypo-allergenic properties.

The perfect party-wear! Or, wear it for its healing properties. Pyrite is a powerful protection stone which shields and protects against all forms of negative vibrations and/or energy.

Every piece of our jewellery is hand-crafted in sterling silver and created with immense pride and painstaking care to ensure years of unbridled joy for you!


Dimensions: Because each stone is handpicked for colour and clarity and the handmade nature of each piece, each of the stones will vary slightly in colour, carat and clarity from one another, and possibly from the piece in the above image. So, what you possess will be perhaps the only one of its kind.

Please note that since these are natural raw stones each stone may vary in colour, transparency and size.


Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating
Pyrite gemstone


Wipe with a clean, soft cloth only
Do not wash with water or any detergent/chemical
Store in the original Raw Carat box for safekeeping

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Naveen Thakre
The gift

When i gifted it to my GF. I kept looking at the happiness on her face.She loves pyrites.But sorry hunny i couldn't give You gold.

Shruti Tiwari

Pyrite Ring are the Best


I love this ring... Thank you Shriprasadam

Neeta Dubey

Best Pyrite products from shriprasadam

Akshay Mishra

Hopefully this ring will bring positive vibes to me

Aisha Nigam

This ring is wonderful...I really love the product from shriprasadam

Navneet Tripathi

Nice RIng

Shreya Jain

The quality of pyrite is very impressive

Rishabh Thakur

Pyrite is very helpful and powerful...everyone must have it

Anvi Singh

Very beautiful ring ...Thank you Shriprasadam