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Shri Prasadam

Lord Krishna Idol with Flute For Car Dashboard

Lord Krishna Idol with Flute For Car Dashboard

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Lord Krishna is the ninth incarnation of Vishnu and in the Hindu religion, Lord Krishna is recognized as the god of love, wealth and prosperity. By bringing Lord Krishna’s Idol into your office, home & car, you are inviting all the good omens he brings along with him. The idol can also be gifted to your friends, relatives or colleagues if you want to spread the love and wealth Lord Krishna brings with him. 

The Idol will fit perfectly into your home temple or on your car dashboard with dimensions of 3.8 × 3.8 × 6.35 cm. The Krishna idol with Flute for Car Dashboard is handcrafted and is made from resin with the drape, flute and crown being electro gold plated metal. The idol shows Lord Krishna playing the flute that we know he was very fond of playing during his time on the green planet.

The Flute and Peacock feather, both have religious significance. It is said that an Idol of Lord Krishna playing the flute helps keep the unity of the household together and avoid clashes that can bring disharmony and grief. While the Peacock feather is a sign of purity and reduces a person’s trouble in life and brings him/her happiness, peace and prosperity.

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