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Shri Prasadam

Radhe Shyam Divine Pooja Boxes | Pocket Temple 24 Karat Gold Coated

Radhe Shyam Divine Pooja Boxes | Pocket Temple 24 Karat Gold Coated

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Product Description

Radhe Shyam Divine Pooja Boxes | Radha Krishna murti Pocket Temple 24 Karat Gold Coated


Colour Gold, silver
Brand ShriPrasadam
Theme Silver
Material Base: Polyresin & Copper ; Coating: 24k gold and 999 pure silver
Occasion Festival, Wedding, Birthday


About This Item:

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each RadheShyam Divine Pooja Box is a masterpiece of artistry, created by skilled artisans who pour their dedication and reverence into every detail. The result is a blend of form and function, seamlessly merging aesthetics with utility.

Purposeful Design: These boxes are thoughtfully compartmentalized, allowing you to organize and store your sacred items with ease. Whether it's incense, candles, or small idols, there's a designated space for every element of your worship.

Sacred Aesthetics: Adorned with timeless motifs and patterns inspired by Hindu iconography, these boxes radiate an aura of divine sanctity. The design serves as a visual reminder of the spiritual significance of your practice.

Portable Serenity: With their compact size and sturdy construction, these boxes are designed for convenience. Carry your spiritual essentials with you, ensuring you have a piece of your sacred space wherever you go.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      Very good Radhe Shyam pocket temple received in time. Loved it.....


      The color and quality are perfect totally worth it.


      Radhe Shyam pooja boxe ki qaulity, fit and finish bohot hi acha h

      Karan Kapoor

      Radhe Shyam pocket temple is very expected better than expected


      Arrived on time. loved the packaging and quality