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Shri Prasadam

Poetic Love Neckless

Poetic Love Neckless

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This dainty globe of glass containing pressed forget me not flowers is for sure a special keepsake that can be a perfect gift to your one and only. 

These whimsical flowers are also called Bird's eye, Robin's eye, and each of them have different stories. It also symbolizes faithful love and memories. Not to forget the famous story of the knight who gave these flowers to his lady and said 'forget-me-not' upon taking his last breathe which is why the name Forget-me-not.

This special piece was created with pressed forget-me-not strands, cast into a semi-globe cast using resin. It comes with a delicate silver coated alloy chain. 

A perfect old world charm of a necklace. If you want to sprinkle some magic onto your jewelry box then this is it.

Please note that each flower strand of forget me not is different and thus your piece might look slightly different from the one in the image. The pictures are only for reference purpose.

Product specifications:

  • Locket shape- Circular, semi- globe
  • Measurement: locket: 2.5 cm diameter, chain length: 18 inches
  • Magic Infusion- Preserved forget-me-not flowers
  • Materials- Pressed flowers, clear resin, Silver plated bezel and hook, Silver plated alloy chain

Product Care:

  • Avoid showers or swims with the necklace as exposure to water may cause discolouration.
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