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Shri Prasadam

Love - Roselet Necklace

Love - Roselet Necklace

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It's that time of the year when Love is in the air!

Much has been told and written about love. Still, each sonnet of love is different and unique. Some fall in love while some slowly slip into its warmth. Some seek answers and find love instead. Some ask questions and stumble upon love. Some miss it for trivial reasons, while some find it in unexpected places. Time and again, love amazes us in its unique ways.

To celebrate every love story out there, we bring to you, Sonnets of Love- our new series of Roselet Necklaces. Rosebuds are preserved and cast into orbs with resin and are made into beautiful pendants. 

Gone are the days of gifting her real roses that wilt in a couple of days. Get her real preserved rose jewelry that can stay with her FOREVER. Choose from 5 different colors, each representing a different love story

  • Red- For the deep love that survives all kinds of storms
  • Purple- For the deep passionate Love that only exists in soulful bonds
  • Yellow- For the best friends who never give up on each other
  • Ivory- For the purest love. The kind that is not limited to just romance
  • Ombre- For the dramatic love stories which has too many things going on

This edition is limited and Comes with a small write up about the product

Product Specifications:

  • Measurement: Globe dia- 2.5 cm, chain length- 18 inches
  • Magic Infusion: Preserved Rose flowers
  • Material: Resin, preserved roses, silver alloy chain
  • Comes packed in a cotton cloth pouch

Product Care:

Avoid water and harsh weather exposure as it may cause discolouration of the metal part. Keep in the cloth pouch in a dry, airy place when not in use.

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