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Shri Prasadam

Healing Crystal Beaded Bracelets

Healing Crystal Beaded Bracelets

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Rhyolite is an igneous volcanic rock that is equivalent to granite. It is a beautiful stone with bands and bubbles of color throughout. Rhyolite sparks creativity in individuals who are ready to move forward.

Creativity is the language of the soul and if it could speak, it might tell you to be a little kinder to yourself, especially if you're drawn to the Rhyolite crystal. While pink stones like rhodochrosite and rose quartz help attract love into your life, the Rhyolite crystal meaning is all about self-love, its radiant energy infusing your spirit with pure joy

-Material: Rhyolite
-Treatment: Natural
-Shape: Round
-Grade: A
-Strand Length: 8 or 16 inches

4mm - 0.8mm hole (48 or 96 beads/strand)
6mm - 0.9mm hole (32 or 64 beads/strand)
8mm – 1mm hole (25 or 50 beads/strand)
10mm – 1.2mm hole (20 or 40 beads/strand)

Use our beautiful, healing stone beads to create jewelry in order for you to bring crystals and their magical energy with you everywhere you go!
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