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Shri Prasadam

Green Jade OM Bracelet for Wisdom and Tranquility

Green Jade OM Bracelet for Wisdom and Tranquility

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Gain wisdom and tranquility with this healing gemstone bracelet. This bead bracelet is made with natural Clear Quartz and Green Jade, with silver OM charm. Clear Quartz is an amplifier and a “master healer,” it empowers one with the ability to manifest their best life. Green Jade healing signifies wisdom that comes from tranquility. It improves positive thoughts and encourages you to be yourself. Calm your mind and receive intuitive downloads with this Quartz and Jade OM bracelet.

Quartz enhances mental clarity and focus, it aids in concentration and encourages memory recall. When using Crystal Quartz while meditating, it filters out distractions and mind chatter. Quartz opens the mind and heart to a higher guidance and greatly enhances psychic abilities. This transparent crystal is capable of holding a memory long enough for manifestations to occur. Quartz elevates consciousness through enlightenment, it promotes creativity and noticeably enhances physical energy.

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