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Shri Prasadam

Gomati Chakra Tree

Gomati Chakra Tree

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Prosperity Tree - Manifest Wealth, Financial Opportunities and thrive in the modern world


  • Make yourself a money magnet
  • Helps clear away the stale and stuck energies that are keeping you in a financial 'holding pattern,' 
  • Sweep away all the obstacles that are keeping you from attracting the wealth, abundance and prosperity that are your birthright! 
  • Protects from any kind of evil energy


  • Found deep in the riverbeds of Gomti River in Gujarat.
  • Resembles Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna
  • Considered sacred and divine by Vedas
  • As per ancient scriptures, every household must keep Gomti Chakras at home that WILL GET YOU CONSTANT BLESSINGS of LORD VISHNU and GODDESS LAXMI.
  • It is believed that people who possess Gomati Chakra Tree will be blessed with Money, Good Health and Prosperity.
  • It is also believed that it protects children.


  • Place it close to your heart, wherever you spend most of your time
  • Ideal for any divine space like home temple & workplace, bookshelf, study desk, home decor corner
  •  It enhances the energies in any  surrounding.
  • Be around its positive aura for a soothing reminder that you are protected.
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