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Shri Prasadam

Feng Shui Turtle Evil Eye Hanging

Feng Shui Turtle Evil Eye Hanging

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Product Description:

This traditional protective symbol used in Feng Shui ideology is considered to be a powerful protection against all harmful energy. This powerful hanging has a black dot at the center symbolizing a watchful, protective eye. The three different circular shades around it, i.e., French ultramarine blue, white, and cobalt or cerulean blue are colors that symbolize spirituality and heaven.

Product Specification:

It wards off evil influences and protects a person from any eye evil placed on them ridding them of any illness, loss in wealth, happiness, or business. An added beauty is the tiny turtle strap. Each turtle has a beautiful ultramarine blue shell. It can be gifted as a protection charm.

Dimensions:- (L x B x H) 6 x 6 x 23  cms

Approx Weight:- 70 gm

Material:- Plastic, Glass

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