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Shri Prasadam

Evil Eye Horse Wall Hanging Protection Amulet

Evil Eye Horse Wall Hanging Protection Amulet

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Product Description:

Elevate Your Space with the Enchanting Evil Eye Horse Amulet: A Stylish Fusion of Protection, Positive Energy, and Boundless Good Fortune! Hang it in the NorthEastern corner of your living room, study, or office to create a harmonious sanctuary, ward off negativity, and invite an abundance of blessings into your life.

Product Specification:

Let this captivating amulet in mesmerizing blue and silver shades serve as a powerful talisman, allowing the flow of positive energy to envelop your surroundings and paving the way for endless strokes of good luck to grace your path.

Dimension ( D X H ) : 5 X 17 cm

Approximate weight: 52 gram

Material : Glass,evil eye beads,plastic

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