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Shri Prasadam

Evil Eye Horse Shoe Amulet/Ghode Ki Naal Hanging

Evil Eye Horse Shoe Amulet/Ghode Ki Naal Hanging

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Product Description:

Remove bad influences, negative energy, evil spirits, and bad chi from your home or office with this evil eye horseshoe hanging. Made from ghode ki naal, it features a beautiful design that will up the style quotient while removing evil forces from around.

Product Specification:

The blue evil eye beads added with a metal horseshoe base work best to shield your surroundings against buri nazar. From feng shui, Vastu, and horoscopic points of view, using ghode ki naal is best for good luck and prosperity too. Hang it at your front door, on the wall, or in the car, the choice is yours.

Dimensions (in cm): 26x5.5

Weight (in gm): 58

Material: Metal & Stone

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