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Shri Prasadam

Golden Model of Shree Ram Mandir and Charan Paduka For Home/Office/Shop

Golden Model of Shree Ram Mandir and Charan Paduka For Home/Office/Shop

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Product Description:

Ayodhya Shree Ram Janam Bhumi Mandir 3D Golden Model || 3d Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir Ayodhya 3D Model 


Ram Mandir  5x5 Inch

Pocket Temple 3x3 Inch 

||💫😍 Shree Ram Mandir Ayodhya 3D Mode Miniature ( Pack Of 1) 💫😍||

Significance Of Product:

The Ram Mandir, a Hindu temple under construction in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India, is situated at the sacred site of Ram Janmabhoomi. According to the Ramayana, this is the birthplace of Lord Shree Ram, one of Hinduism's principal deities.

The ground level of the grand Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will be completed by the end of this year, and the temple is scheduled to be inaugurated on January 22, 2024. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the ceremony to install 'Ram Lalla'--the idol of Lord Ram--on the temple premises.

🌟"A Divine Marvel in 3D" Unveil the Sacred Essence of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Temple

Indulge in the divine beauty of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Temple with our meticulously crafted 3D Structure. This masterpiece captures the spiritual aura of Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama. Crafted with love and precision, this stunning model will transport you to a world of devotion and tranquility.

  • Explore intricate architectural details.
  • Experience the essence of Ayodhya at your home.
  • It is a perfect addition to your sacred space.
  • Pay homage to Lord Rama daily.🙏✨

🌟"Elegance in Every Detail" The Artistry of 3D Construction

Our Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Temple 3D Structure is a testament to the craftsmanship that goes beyond words. Each piece is a blend of art and spirituality, showcasing the temple's architectural marvel and its significance. Our artisans have poured their heart into creating an awe-inspiring piece.

  • It is handcrafted with passion and dedication.🌟
  • Detailed representation of the temple's beauty.😍
  • Premium for lasting quality.💍
  • A unique gift for spiritual souls and your loving ones.❤️😍

🌟"Divine Blessings with Shriprasadam" Embrace Holiness with Shriprasadam💕🙏

Complete your spiritual journey with Shriprasadam, a sacred offering that accompanies our Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Temple 3D Golden Model. As you display this model in your home, receive the divine blessings of Lord Rama through the auspicious Architect included. It's not just a product; it's a spiritual experience.🙏💫😍

  • Receive Holy 3D Architect with your purchase.💫😍
  • Infuse positivity and blessings into your life.🙏💕
  • Make your home a temple of spirituality.🥰
  • An ideal gift for the spiritually inclined.🙏💫


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Customer Reviews

Based on 341 reviews
Dwijendra Nath Roy
Golden Model of the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple

Did not get the product I had ordered for. Instead a damaged piece of wooden miniature model of the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple with LED coloured light was received by me. Requested for REPLACEMENT/REFUND.
NO RESPONSE from Your End Till Date.

Mithalesh kumar

Jai shree Ram ji shree Ram Raja Ram ❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡badhiya product

Virendra Yadav

Very good to look at it

Naina Patel

heavy quality used, looks good

Aditya Iyer

So good, Definitely a must buy!

Neha Srinivasan

Good quality for the price

Aishwarya Deshmukh

Simply impressed with the product

Neil Singh

It turned out to be even better than the picture

Alok Singh

Bohot hi achi quality ka ram mandir hai

Mohini Singh

Loved the product, great texture and decent yet rich look ram mandir