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Shri Prasadam

Ashtalaxmi Divine Pooja Box

Ashtalaxmi Divine Pooja Box

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Product Description

Ashtalaxmi Divine Pooja Box | Gold Plated Asht Laxmi Charan Paduka 


Brand ShriPrasadam
Colour Multicolor
Room Type Home, Office
Shape Rectangular

About This Item:

Blessed Design: The Ashtalaxmi Divine Pooja Box is adorned with intricate depictions of the eight forms of goddess Lakshmi, each representing a different facet of prosperity and well-being. The design is a visual invocation of blessings and abundance.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Expert artisans have poured their skill and devotion into creating this masterpiece. The result is a blend of beauty and functionality, with every detail crafted to perfection.

Purposeful Compartments: This box is thoughtfully designed with compartments to hold your spiritual essentials. From incense sticks to sacred idols, there's a designated space for every element of your worship.

Portable Sanctity: Compact and durable, this box is designed for convenience. Carry it with you to ensure that you have a piece of your sacred space wherever you go, allowing you to stay connected to your spiritual practice.

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Customer Reviews

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Arnav Rao

Ashtalaxmi Pooja Box Really worthy buying. good quality. The packaging is really good

Anika Sharma

Ordered this Ashtalaxmi Pooja Box for gifting, got delivered to the receiver as shown in the description and photos, good packaging with great price

Vikram Chatterjee

Amazing product quality. The Ashtalaxmi Pooja Box arrived swiftly and in good condition. Very satisfied.

Maya Khanna

The Ashtalaxmi Pooja Box is overall nice and light weight and easy to carry with you totally loved it.

Ishan Desai

Ashtalaxmi Pooja Box is lovely, go for it