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Shri Prasadam

18 sided Vogel Style Blue Rutiles Natural Quartz Crystal Wand Point

18 sided Vogel Style Blue Rutiles Natural Quartz Crystal Wand Point

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18 sided Vogel Style Natural Quartz Crystal Wand Point,Blue Rutiles, Reiki Healing ,Energy

Clear Quartz
Master health, balance personal body and mind and emotions, help focus the mind, is of great help to family health.
Clear crystal pendant, the most balanced energy, when the "amulet", "peace charm" is the best.

Reiki spiritual & Pranic Healing
For a Crystal to be a Vogel cut, it must have a very specific angle degree & minute to the female end (shorter & wider end) and a specific degree & minute to the male point (narrow & long point end).
The female end absorbs energy from the air & the world around. The energy is "bounced" around inside the crystal at each facet/side & grows stronger within the crystal also magnifying by the crystals properties & then is released out from the longer point to the area to heal the person receiving the crystal therapy.

Please kindly note that crystals are not a substitute for good medical care but the can be used as a spiritual aid with medical care by a Doctor

All our crystals & stones are natural and real. They are not lab-grown or reconstituted. For natural quartz,It is inevitable to have
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