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Shri Prasadam

Rudraksh Citrine and Evil Eye Bracelet For Success and Happiness

Rudraksh Citrine and Evil Eye Bracelet For Success and Happiness

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🕉️🌟 Rudraksha Citrine and Evil Eye Bracelet For Success and Happiness 🌟🕉️

Invite success and happiness into your life with our divine Rudraksha Citrine and Evil Eye Bracelet. 🌟🔮 Crafted with genuine Rudraksha beads, citrine gemstones, and a protective evil eye charm, this bracelet harnesses powerful energies to ward off negativity and attract prosperity. 🧿💎

Key Features:

🌳 Rudraksha Beads: Each bead is meticulously crafted from sacred Rudraksha seeds, revered for their spiritual significance and connection to Lord Shiva, offering protection and spiritual upliftment.

💛 Citrine Gemstones: Adorned with radiant citrine gemstones, known as the "merchant's stone," this bracelet promotes abundance, success, and positive energy, uplifting your spirits and enhancing your prosperity.

🧿 Evil Eye Charm: The protective evil eye charm wards off negative energies and ill intentions, providing an extra layer of protection and ensuring that you remain shielded from harm as you journey towards success and happiness.

🌟 Symbol of Blessings: Wear this bracelet as a talisman of divine blessings, carrying the energies of Rudraksha, citrine, and the evil eye with you wherever you go, attracting success, happiness, and abundance into your life.

About the Product:

Our Rudraksha Citrine and Evil Eye Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a powerful tool for manifesting success and happiness. 🌈✨ Whether you're embarking on a new venture, seeking to overcome obstacles, or simply striving for personal growth, this bracelet serves as a constant reminder of the positive energies surrounding you. 🙏🔆

Embrace Prosperity: Let the harmonious energies of Rudraksha, citrine, and the protective evil eye charm guide you towards success and happiness, empowering you to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. 💫🧿

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Priyanka Kapoor

Excellent Product👍

Ojas Mehta

I will be looking at more items to get from this seller. Thank you

Utkarsh Patel

Good quality adjustable thread and evil eye stone.

Hina Desai

The quality and size was really great.

Nidhi Patel

So cute and affordable

Amar Kapoor

Good looking

Lavina Kapoor

Value for money

Lavanya Reddy

Loved it🥰, build quality is very good

Naveen Reddy

Helps in meditation Very good 👍 Really recommend the product

Aisha Kapoor

Very good product with genuine authentication certificate and looks good