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Shri Prasadam

Magic Water ELF Toy Kit

Magic Water ELF Toy Kit

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Bring Fantastical Fun Home: Explore the New Magic Water ELF Toy Kit!

The magic theory❣️

The magic gel’s material is sodium alginate. It’s a safe substance extracted from seaweed.

The magic gel reacts with calcium lactate in the magic elf powder, They exchange calcium ions.

The magic gel film is formed on the mold's surface and the magic water elf demould.

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The Magic Water ELF toy kit is a Perfect Parent-Child Interactionvery, suitable for parents and kids to spend a fun time together.

Water sprite making steps:

Step 1: Prepare 900ml of water (warm water can speed up the dissolution)
Step 2: Pour in a pack of calcium lactate and stir with a stirring stick until there is no transparency and no particles at all;
Step 3: Squeeze the sodium alginate solution into the washed mold until it is full.
Step 4: Fully immerse the mold filled with sodium alginate in the calcium lactate water for a few seconds, then shake the mold gently until the water spirit is completely released from the mold
Step 5: After demolding, the water sprite should be soaked in calcium lactate water for 20 minutes, then it can be picked up and raised in clean water (the water sprite that has just been demolded is very soft, so don’t take it out immediately, and don’t pinch it. Shake the mold dry water use)

Theory of Magic Water ELF Toy Kit

  • The material of magic gel is sodium alginate. It’s a safe substance extracted from seaweed.
  • The magic elf powder is food-grade calcium lactate, safe for kids' soft hands.
  • The magic gel reacts with magic water; they exchange calcium ions.
  • A gel film is formed on the mold surface, and the water elf will demold.
  • Leave these elves in magic water for 3-4 hrs; the inside will be solidified entirely.
  • After the elves are entirely coagulated, kids can play with them on their hands.
  • Kids can learn basic scientific knowledge from this magic water elf toy kit, and it will inspire them to explore science!

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Customer Reviews

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Quality Good

This is a really cool product. I even enjoy doing it alongside my kids my my younger son especially enjoy

Teena Aditya Panday

Hours of fun, but little messy projects!Easy and definitely adult supervision needed.

Raju Sharma

Bahut hi badhiya toy hai

kirti pandey
Nice product

I am so happy to buy this. My kid play with this all day. Earlier he was using phones, I am glad this toy helped him to switch from screen to actual play.


Amazing toy for kids. My kids loved it and enjoy playing with it everyday.