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Shri Prasadam

Jade Heart Necklace for Peace

Jade Heart Necklace for Peace

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Jade is a Stone of Prosperity, luck, peace, protection, empowerment, and friendship.

This gorgeous green gemstone symbolizes pure love, unity, peace, and serenity. It signifies wisdom through tranquility. It creates balance and harmony throughout one’s inner and outer structure. Jade encourages love, attracts good luck, and solidifies the bonding stages in all relationships.

Jade is a stone of protection. It releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind. It stabilizes the personality and promotes a sense of "self." This is the ultimate Dream Stone. It brings insightful dreams and inspiration toward understanding them. Jade soothes anxiety and aids in releasing emotional build-up. Jade is a stone of empowerment. It encourages you to be your true authentic self and to attract like-minded individuals. This gemstone inspires love, trust, and fidelity. 

Jade is a cleansing stone that aids the body's filtration and elimination organs.

Jade Metaphysical Benefits:

Bladder issues, Cancer, Childbirth, Detox, Diabetes, Digestion, Immune System, Infertility, Kidney Issues, Nerves, Oedema, Skeletal System, Fertility, Fluid Retention, Charlie-horses, Pain, Cramps, Anorexia, Child-birth, and Reproductive Disorders.

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