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Shri Prasadam

Green Jade Money Switch Word and Zibu Symbol Stone Cabochon

Green Jade Money Switch Word and Zibu Symbol Stone Cabochon

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  • Green Jade Crystal with Switchword healing Nos. Switchword Healing to Attract Money , Attract Cash Flow, solves court problems. Break through negative financial habits with Money Switch Word. It removes energy blockages to eliminate unforeseen expenses, debts and clears long standing dues/loans holding you back. Carry them with you in your wallet or pocket & achieve your financial dreams .Oval Green Aventurine Cabochon. keep it in ur wallet.
  • Zibu Symbols : Zibu is an ancient healing language expressed as symbols. These graceful symbols are infused with pure angelic energy and are available to assist you in your daily life. These symbols have many benefits which may be received simply by viewing or drwing them. The uses are virtually limitless. You are invited to see which symbol resonates with you and how you are inspired to use them in your daily life.
  • Zibu symbols are the Angelic symbol and they carry and generate their own Energy. The more u draw them, more Benefit u get from them. Zibu symbols are for various purpose for eg. Love, Passion, Forgiveness, Healing, Harmony,Abundance, Prosperity, Union and many more.
  • Green jade s healing energy can dissolve self-imposed limitations – especially those related to not being worthy enough to receive money. It has been used by many cultures as a stone for luck and, rather than bringing wealth instantly, boosts your long-term energy and focus when working towards financial goals.
  • Note: because it is made by natural stone, the product you get may be a bit different from the picture,thank you for your understanding. You will receive an item quite similar in appearance and weight to the item shown in the image but it may not be the exact one as natural stones are unique in their shape and form.
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Customer Reviews

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Hari Pandey

Hopefully This coin brings luck to me


Very Nice Coin from shriprasadam

Nishikant Singh

Zibu Symbol are very useful to attract money and to bring Luck

Shubhank Dubey

Green Jade is a wonderful crystal...It generates a positive aura