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Shri Prasadam

Sunbeam Dreams Bracelet

Sunbeam Dreams Bracelet

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Adorn yourself with the feeling of the warm summer sun, streaming gilded through a thick canopy of trees.

This trinket features the bloom of the Coreopsis flower, also known as the Golden Tickseed and Goldenwave. In the 1884 book 'Language of Flowers', author Kate Greenaway calls the yellow Coreopsis as “always cheerful”. This plant's sunny disposition also does double-duty as a nectar source for the bees and butterflies, while small birds such as finches and sparrows like the seeds.

This bracelet is sure to shine a ray of balmy sunlight on any outfit!

  • Measurement: Adjustable size, the circular bezel is 3 cm in diameter
  • Magic Infusion: Coreopsis Flower flowers
  • Materials: Resin, Pressed flowers, gold rim, golden alloy chain
  • Packaging: Comes in a cotton cloth pouch and a gift box
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